Contemporary, Rustic Lakeside Wedding

What do you get when you blend elements of the rustic 2 and the cheap mlb jerseys nautical while maintaining a contemporary flair?  A wholesale jerseys perfectly designed and stylized wedding by Heather Spear, founder and event planer, of Summit Soiree. The West Shore Cafe & Inn was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful affair. Nestled on the edge of Lake Tahoe’s west shore, the West Shore Cafe & Inn seamlessly blends the rustic and nautical as a perfect Bob mountain lakeside wedding retreat. There were aspects of th? the rustic and nautical in the decor as well.  Hand cut tree logs (by the bride’s dad) engraved with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, wood frames and baby pinecones scattered throughout, the party favors as well as the invites, program and cheap nba jerseys menu themselves reflected the rustic feel. A color pallet of navy and white–the bridesmaids dresses, table linens, paper products (wind mills, Wedding cocktail napkins, invitation) and florals–not to mention the rowboat filled with beer and the lantern lined ceremony aisle reflected the nautical feel. And who can forget to get the beautiful bride, Beverly, who was whimsical in her Monique Lhuillier dress and Christian Louboutins heels.–which I literally fell head over heals for. But the prettiest accesssory was Beverly’s smile. She glowed the entire day.  And when Adam : saw his blushing bride for the first time at “First Look,” he couldn’t help but blush and smile too.  Beverly and Adam, Your whole der wedding shebang, was well…. pretty, pretty, Lake and pretty emotional. You really know how to throw a fun yet classy soiree.

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