* Jennifer at Kiss & Makeup loves to speak with her clients! Jennifer is here to help answer any questions you may have and to provide you with valuable, professional resources that may assist you in the planning stages of your wedding. It is worth taking a few minutes to speak with Jen directly at her studio, located in the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City at (530) 581-4748.

Why do I need to hire a professional makeup artist on my wedding day?

It is always a good idea to hire a professional makeup artist on your wedding day for a multitude of reasons. First, you want your makeup to last all day, right? Jennifer is trained and equipped with the proper tools and techniques for longevity of the makeup application and knows the best colors to use for lighting and photography. Jennifer is here to pamper you and your bridal party, creating a calm and relaxing environment taking the edge off your wedding day. Jennifer not only wants you to look and feel your best, she will assure you that your photos will too! By now you have spent a lot of time and money on your dress, shoes, Jewelry, and figuring out hair styles etc. to create your specific look, why would you want to skimp on you face?

Remember, people are looking at YOU not just your hair and dress! Lastly, expect the unexpected! Jennifer just had a bride who unfortunately broke her nose in a soccer game one week before her wedding! Whoops! Good thing she hired Jen. She was able to cover the two black eyes without problem. The bride’s photos turned out beautifully and other than a great story to remember, the photos showed no evidence of what had happened. Hire a professional!

Why is it suggested to hire a professional makeup artist and a professional hair stylist separately?

More times than not at stylist will specialize in one area more than another. Unless your hiring someone just for yourself and not your bridal party, it is recommended to hire two separate professionals specializing in their craft. It can be a lot of work for one person. The timing of the wedding day should flow efficiently. You shouldn’t have to start the hair and makeup process at 7am for a 4 o’clock wedding. With hiring two separate professionals you can start later and you can utilize your time more effectively by having two people being worked on simultaneously. As soon as one chair is vacant then the next person sits to get their hair or makeup done, thus making the whole process convenient and productive.

Do you provide both hair and makeup services?

Kiss & Makeup specializes in makeup artistry for weddings, events, print and commercials and does not provide hair styling. Although, Kiss & Makeup does work closely with many talented hair stylists and is more than happy to share a preferred vendor list of top recommended stylists in our area. Please contact Jen at the studio to inquire.

Do you airbrush?

Currently Kiss & Makeup does not airbrush. Not every client is a candidate for airbrush makeup. Lake Tahoe is a very dry climate. Even if a client is not typically dry, they can become dry while visiting Tahoe, thus changing the skins condition. Jennifer prefers having a choice of different mediums, primers and moisturizers to use suitable for each individual making the application fresh and youthful. Airbrush makeup can  also significantly add to the cost of each makeup application.

What products do you use?

Kiss & Makeup offers a full-range of prestige private label cosmetics developed for freelance makeup artists and entrepreneurs to create their own brands.

Kiss & Makeup’s expert product development team and its state-of-the-art research and development laboratories have the resources and the knowledge to create innovative, technologically-advanced products, all from manufacturing facilities located in New York City.

All Kiss & Makeup cosmetics are Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free and never tested on animals.

What if I have skin sensitivity to certain cosmetics?

It is the clients responsibility to notify Kiss & Makeup of any hypersensitivity or allergies to any cosmetics or ingredients to you or anyone in your bridal party. Kiss & Makeup is not subject to using our own cosmetics and skin care. Should the client/ clients bring their own products that they are familiar with, to the trial or event, Kiss & Makeup would be happy to use their products.

Do you apply false lashes?

Yes. False lashes are provided and applied for anyone whom wants them and is included in each makeup application price.

Will I need to touch up my makeup?

There is always a little up keep with any makeup application. Kiss & Makeup is armed with the latest trendsetting products to prep, treat, prime and set your makeup for the longest wear imaginable. The makeup application is designed to last throughout your entire wedding day. Should a touch up be necessary Kiss & Makeup is equipped to provide the client with a personalized touch up kit suitable for the individual. The makeup trial is a perfect time to go over these details.

What is a bridal trial?

The bridal trial is a one hour appointment where the bride to be and the makeup artist meet to do the pre wedding run through for the wedding makeup application. First We will discuss the details of your wedding including dresses, hair, flowers, theme etc. We then discuss what makeup you normally wear, if any, and any ideas you have for your wedding day. Then it is Jennifer’s job to pull a cohesive look for you that will flow with your personality, the dress and your hair. At that time you will get a full makeup application. We have fun! We can change things or try different looks until we create the look you are 100% satisfied with. This is the time for you and your makeup artist to connect.

When should the trial be scheduled?

The trial may be scheduled whenever it is convenient for the client. A great time to meet is in the off season, November through April, when your Your planning to meet with other vendors such as a tasting etc. or before an engagement shoot. Piggy backing a makeup trial with a hair trial or simply scheduling the trial the same day as a special event like a birthday is a great time to schedule the appointment.

Do you travel on location?

Yes. Travel to the location is included in the bridal rate to the following destinations: Tahoe City, West Shore, Meeks Bay, Squaw Valley, Truckee, Donner Lake, Tahoe Donner, Gray’s Crossing, Martis Camp, Ritz Carlton, North Star, North Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Incline Village and Thunderbird Lodge. Travel  to South Lake Tahoe is considered during the offseason months, November through April, with an additional travel fee.

Do you travel out of the area?

No, generally Kiss & Makeup does not travel outside of the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee area. Some exceptions may apply.

What are your prices?

Kiss & Makeup is a high end well known company focusing on Brides that want to look their absolute best without comprising quality and beauty for cost.

– Bridal Rate-  $275

The bridal package includes a one hour trial held at the Kiss & Makeup studio located in Tahoe City, travel on location the day of the wedding, Lash application, and the wedding day makeup.

– Attendant Rate- $75-$95

$95 per person for one to two people, $85 per person for three to five people and $75 per person for six or more people. Lashes are included in each makeup application. The more people the better the discount (The more the merrier!)

– Jr Bridesmaid Rate- $65

– Flower Girl- Complimentary

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